I did a quick search and noticed 2 pages, Cruise mode and hardpoints that didn't seem to have any links to them so I added the Subsystem section and added links for them. I also moved the Shield system link in there as well. Prack

Thanks for the help on this wiki Prack. Hardpoints has a link on the Development Overview page, but I don't mind having the link on the front page as well.

What do you guys think of the collapsible link I added to the front page? Should we keep it or remove it? BFettBFett

I vote to keep it, it looks neat and tidy and will allow the topics to grow and still keep the main page short. Easier navigation and all that. PrackPrack

I agree. (I originally tried to make a table layout like Wikipedia uses but I couldn't get it to work properly) DinosawerDinosawer

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