Question Pool


The purpose of this site is to collect all kinds of missing topics that should be added to this wiki.

'''Feel free to add whatever you like'''.

Topics to add:

  • Station & Ship Editor
  • Station Sizes
  • What can you do with a station? Big stations are possible (seen at the kickstarter video), but how do you “fill” them? What makes them big? It’S not just empty space?!
  • Ship Production Facilities? How? How big?
  • Ship Components: Thruster, Weapons, Hardpoints; How is it build generally?
  • Upgrade Ship / Station Components: How will it be handled?
  • Zillion different tech states (of one module): How will it be organized, how to keep the general view?
  • Will the game be released on steam? Will it use the steam cloud? (Likely on Steam, and through the LT website)
  • Settings: It seems that there are going to be a lot of settings. Will they be saved in a cloud (steam for example) or are they able to be exported? What can be changed within the settings?
  • Which kind of OREs will be in LT? I've seen Viritium, Altchite, Gamnite, Islockite (depends on universe)
  • RTS tactical interface (done till beta)
  • Sensors (Page needs more info)
  • Shields (Page needs more info)
  • Weapons (Page needs more info)
  • The "Development Overview page has a lot of links to non-existent pages, I'm filling those out but help is appreciated. Just a little stub is fine, we don't know all that much details anyway…
  • Has goal of 100+ ships been met?
  • Roles of Executive vs Worker AI
  • cargo/inventory interface /cargo transfer

Topics that have been added:

  • See front page
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